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    What is the average temperature in Malaga?
    During the winter, the average temperature in Malaga is 17ºC. In Spring and Autumn you should expect temperatures of about 23ºC, and July and August, it´s usually around 30ºC.

    How many people live in Malaga?
    Malaga has a population of approximately 650.000 people.

    How about nightlife in Malaga?
    Malaga is a student city, so it has a great nightlife, most of it concentrated on and around the Plaza de la Merced in the centre of Malaga and only 5 minutes on foot from the school.

    What is the cost of living in Malaga?
    Malaga is not the most expensive place in Spain (not the cheapest one either). A cup of coffee costs about 1€, a beer about 1.50€, a hot lunch about 12€ and a bus ride 0.95 €.

    Can I work in Malaga?
    If you are a Citizen of an E.U. Member, you may work in Malaga.


    Our School

    How big is the school?
    Our school has 5 classrooms (with air conditioning), a reception and a study area. There is a cafeteria on the patio of first floor of the building.

    How central is the school in Malaga?
    We are located on Calle Larios, Malaga’s main shopping street. We are thus the most central school of Malaga.

    What extra services does the school offer?
    Apart from Spanish courses and accommodation, we also offer many cultural activities and excursions so you can practise you Spanish and get to know Malaga and Andalusia.



    What is the course time table?
    The standard course runs from 9.00 till 12.40, from Monday till Friday (with a coffee break from 10.40 till 11.00).During the summer (july and august) we might also run classes in the afternoons.The profesional courses run from 13.00 till 14.00 or from 14.00 till 15.00 from Monday till Friday.

    How many students are in a class?
    Our standard and long term courses have a maximum of 9 students per class (average of 6). The special courses have a maximum of 3 students per class.

    What are the ages of the students?
    We get students of all ages, from 17 till 80 years old. Nevertheless, the average age of our students is 22-28 years old.

    Where do students come from?
    Our students come from all over the world. Most of them are Europeans. We do, though also get students from other parts of the world. Overall, we have a very good mix of students, as none of the nationalities represents more than 8% of the total number of students.

    May I prolong my Spanish course while I am in Malaga?
    Yes you may. Some students book 4 weeks and once they are here and tried our courses, decide to extend their stay. Please let us know on time if you want to prolong your course. Especially regarding your accommodation.

    Can I change courses while I am in Malaga?
    Yes, you can change courses once you are in Malaga, provided we have places in the other course you would like to change to. In case you change from a more intensive course to a less intensive course, there will be no refund for classes missed.

    When do I have to do a level test?
    You usually do your Spanish level test on the first morning of your courses. Nevertheless, it would be better if you could do it before you come to Malaga. That way we can plan your course before your arrival and you can start your classes from the first minute on.

    How much Spanish will I learn?
    The amount of Spanish that you will learn in Malaga depends mostly on you. Nevertheless, you could count on improving 1 level for every 4 weeks of our Spanish courses.

    Are teachers qualified?
    All our teachers are university graduates and most of them have various years experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners. Even though, our teachers regularly attend workshops to further improve their skills and keep up with new teaching technology.

    How are classes organized?
    Our Spanish courses are divided between grammar classes and conversation classes. During the grammar classes, you will learn all aspects of Spanish grammar and will have possibilities to practice a lot. Conversation class is used to improve your speaking skills, expressions, listening practice, vocabulary and accuracy.

    Will I get a course book?
    Yes, you will get a course book when you start your Spanish course. Nevertheless, we use many other materials during the course of which you will receive copies.

    Can I take official exams?
    Yes, we provide our students for the official D.E.L.E. examinations. You may decide to take you exam in Malaga or in you home country.


    What types of accommodation do you offer in Malaga?
    We offer accommodation in Host Families or Student Apartments. Nevertheless, you can also choose to stay in private appartments or in a hotel.

    What happens if I don´t like my host family?
    We always do our best to find the right host family for every student. In case you have a problem with or a complaint about your host family, please come and talk with us immediately. We will first try to solve the problem. In case that is not possible, we will find a new, suitable, accommodation for you.

    Will I be picked up from Malaga Airport when I arrive?
    If you are staying in a Student Apartment, you will be met at the airport by one of our staff and taken to your accommodation. If you are staying with a host family or in a hotel, we will give you full accommodation details and you should take a taxi or bus/train from Malaga airport to the accommodation.

    Can I share accommodation with my friend?
    Yes. Please tell us you want to share when you book your Spanish course and accommodation.

    I have allergies. Is that a problem?
    Usually it is not a problem. Please make sure to tell us about any allergies you might have at the moment of booking.

    Why do your Host Families take students?
    Our host families mostly take students because they like to share their (Spanish) culture with other people from around the world. Others do it because they like to company.


    When do I have to book my Spanish course?
    It is advisable to book your Spanish course on time (approximately 1 month before the start of your course). Nevertheless, we can also deal with last minute bookings.

    How do I book my Spanish course?
    You can book your Spanish course online, or download a copy of the booking form and send it to us by fax or mail.

    What happens if I cancel my Spanish courses after booking?
    Upon booking, we will ask you for a deposit of 250€. In case you decide to cancel, you will loose the 250€ deposit, although you may use it for any future booking of a Spanish course in our school.

    When will you confirm my booking?
    As soon as we receive your enrolment we usually confirm within 24 hours.

    How do I pay for my Spanish course?
    You can transfer the deposit to our bank account in Spain. We will provide you all details on the booking confirmation. The rest can be paid on the first day of your course in the school office or by bank transfer before the start of your course.

    May I change my booking?
    Yes you may, provided we can offer you the alternative that you prefer. Please make sure to let us know on time.



    What kind of activities do you organize?
    We organize many activities, such as; tour of Malaga, visit to Malaga Cathedral, the Alcazaba, the Gibralfaro, a visit to the Pablo Picasso Museum, welcome party for our students, flamenco dancing, salsa night, tapa night, Tandem Intercambio, etc.. During the weekend, you may join one of our excursions to Granada, Ronda, Seville, Cordoba, Nerja, Gibraltar, etc.

    Are they included in the price?
    Not all activities are included in the course price. Nevertheless, we always keep prices to the minimum (usually only transport and / or entrance). The special courses do have some activities included, according to the type of course.

    Can I book activities before when I book my Spanish course?
    That is not necessary. You can choose what you want to do while you are here in Malaga.

    Are activities obligatory for all students?
    No, you may choose to participate or not. Nevertheless, we always encourage our students to participate as mush as possible to practice Spanish and get to know Malaga.

    Will the activities help me with learning Spanish?
    Definitely YES!!!!


    Tandem International

    What is Tandem International?
    Tandem International in an international organization of quality and privately owned language schools. Most schools are small or medium size and have a clear focus on quality over quantity. Since January of 2005, Babel Idiomas is a full member of Tandem International.

    What can Tandem International do for me?
    In Malaga we organize Tandem Intercambio, where you will meet with local Spaniards that want to practise their English, German, French, Italian, etc. They will help you practising your Spanish while they practise the other language (usually English). A wonderful way to practise and make Spanish friends!

    Why did Babel Idiomas become a member of Tandem International?
    We decided to join Tandem International because of it’s clear focus on quality over quantity and because all schools are small or medium sized, which gives them a special friendly atmosphere and a personal touch for every student.



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