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> TANDEM EXCHANGE; a great asset to language learning (May 17th)

When you learn a language, you learn grammar and vocabulary in class, with your teachers, with the help of books and other material. But you also have to practise what you have learned. Most practise is done in the same classroom where you have learned the grammar and the vocabulary, but there is much more you can do to practise and to help yourself learning any new language. As a full member of Tandem International, Babel Idiomas offers Tandem Exchanges to its students which helps them learn Spanish even faster and in a natural way.

What is TANDEM exchange?

The idea is very simple. Two people that are learning two different languages meet several times per week to help each other practise the language they are learning.  One time they speak one language and the other time they speak the other language.

To give an example; when we have a foreign student in our Spanish courses, we offer that student a Tandem Exchange. We find that person a Tandem Partner who wants to practise a language that the foreign student dominates well (either be it the mother tongue or another language, like English). Both Tandem partners then meet at least 2 times per week, once to speak Spanish (and help the foreign student) and the other time to speak the other language (and help the Spanish student).

A real asset to language learning

Over the past years we have organized many Tandem Exchanges for our students. Obviously not all students are interested (although they should be...), but the ones that have done Tandems have really noticed a rapid improvement of their Spanish knowledge. The Tandem Exchanges have proved to be a great asset to our Spanish courses. Not only will it help the foreign student improve his / her knowledge of Spanish, it also gets them in close contact with Spanish and Malaga culture.

How to match Tandems?

Tandem is not just bringing together 2 people with an interest in languages. There is quite some preparation, planning and counselling involved. We make sure that all students who are interested in Tandem Exchange will get the right Tandem partner and prepare the first Tandem meetings with both students.



> WIFI at Babel Idiomas (April 30th)

We are very pleased to announce that we can now offer our students FREE WIFI connection at our school. Just bring your laptop with you to your Spanish course and connect at any time to home, your work, friends or any other part of the online world.





> New: Latest News (February 20th 2007)


At Babel idiomas we have started a new service on our website: a Monthly Newsletter.

In the newsletter, we will publish news about our Spanish courses, but also about the city of Malaga and about learning Spanish.

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